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Renovating your home is an enormous undertaking. Not only are there numerous areas and tasks that need to come together within one time frame, there’s also a great deal of material you need to choose to be installed in the rooms you’re renovating.

Whether you’re remodeling a kitchen or having an addition put on your home, you will need to make countless choices and decisions regarding the various elements that will be installed there. Things like cabinets, flooring, countertops, appliances, lights, backsplash, sinks, faucets, and accessories all need to be selected before a renovation can begin to move forward.

Many homeowners believe that in order to make these selections, they need to visit a lot of very specific showrooms, such as a counter fabricator, cabinet maker, and flooring specialist. And while this is one way to get through the process, and the only way if you are simply replacing a single item in your home, it isn’t the most efficient method of making selections for a large-scale remodel. In that instance, your best bet is to stop at a showroom that has examples of everything you’ll need all in one place.


When you’re working with a design build firm, you’re already working with a team of individuals who are well acquainted with every aspect of your remodel. They know the measurements, the layout, and the plan for how the remodel will unfold. So, it makes sense that you’ll want them involved in the material selection as well. It’s this type of coordination that makes your remodel smoother and less prone to issues.

Stopping at one showroom to make all your selections offers another level of coordination and convenience as well. When you are able to make your selections in one place, you have the benefit of seeing how they will come together without needing to drag samples from one location to another, and without having to rely on memory, faulty photographs, or catalogue pictures to get the job done.

Design, Build, and Select Together

This level of coordination and convenience is something that Bianco Renovations strives to offer every homeowner. That’s why we have a small showroom where selections can be made for your entire renovation at once. The same team you work with to design your new home will also be able to help you outfit it. We know the products we offer, as well as the lead times to receive them, so we can make recommendations for you that will help move your project along in a timely way.

You don’t need to spend hours driving to various showrooms only to wonder if the different components you’ve selected will work together, or if they will arrive in time. With Bianco Renovations, you get one-stop shopping that is guaranteed to help make your home improvement process smoother and easier.

Make One Stop

Home improvements shouldn’t be filled with headaches. That’s why using CONSULTATIONa design build firm that can also offer you one stop shopping on your material selections can help you achieve your remodeling goals faster. Stop in to Bianco Renovations where our team can assist you in completing your renovation from beginning to end to make the most of your new home.

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