A Mudroom for the Whole Family

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A Mudroom for the Whole Family

Pet Friendly Mudroom Extension

A Mudroom for the Whole Family

The mudroom has had an incredible resurgence in recent years. It was once a minor area near an entryway or pass-through space. People used it as a catch all for things like muddy shoes, and never thought about the way it looked or was laid out. Today’s mudroom is a multi-functional space designed to be used by the whole family. And if your family includes some pets, consider creating a mudroom design that will accommodate their needs as well. Bianco Renovations recently finished a mudroom extension that makes sure that the family pet gets equal access to the space. With a built-in dog crate, pet-shower, and storage, this one just made life with pets a little easier. 

Design a More Personalized Mudroom Expansion

Your home may already have a mudroom. But it may not be the size or shape that could really benefit you and your family. Many older mudrooms are small, and not necessarily located in the best areas. If this is the case for your home, consider adding a mudroom extension. Done right, this will ensure that the space has the right amount of storage, while improving the layout.

Best of all, with an extension of the existing space, you can ensure that it meets all of your needs. This family needed a space that could be used by and for their pets. The expansion itself doesn’t take up a tremendous amount of space, but the area being used is laid out to make the most out of every inch. And many of the tricks used here could be done in any home.

Add a mudroom with a built-in dog crate and shelves to an unused space. This will free up an area that would have otherwise been used by a stand-alone kennel. If you also deal with a lot of clutter, consider adding built-in storage as well. This frees up additional space, while making the remaining area look bigger.

Mudroom With a Dog Shower

A mudroom with a dog shower also means your four-legged family members won’t track dirt through the house any more. The shower itself is also easy to use for the owner’s as well. It’s position should be at a height so you don’t need to bend or kneel it to make use of it. And because this is an expansion, it blends seamlessly into the rest of the space.

Don’t let these kinds of features become an afterthought to the rest of the room. Plan them right into the design from the beginning to make the area look cohesive and designed for use. So, this is a great way to avoid an area that appears tacked on or that doesn’t blend with the home.

Bring Your Mudroom Ideas to Life

The mudroom is a hugely personal and personalizable space. Used correctly, it will dramatically improve the function and cleanliness of your home. Make sure it meets the needs of everyone who may use it, including the four-legged members of the family. If you’re interested in a mudroom expansion or mudroom remodel project of your own, contact Bianco Renovations. Let our expert team help you learn more about what possibilities may exist for your space.


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