Basement Finishing Ideas: Renovating Your Northern Virginia Basement

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For a lot of homes in the Northern Virginia area, basements end up as a catch-all for the rejects of furniture, files, boxes, toys, and books. They can become wastelands of dead space that nobody uses, except when their kids are down there playing mini sticks against the walls. Maybe it is time to take back your basement and turn it into the perfect entertaining space or place to enjoy time with your family.

Entertaining Space

Whether your basement is unfinished or finished but not to your likings, we can help you turn the space into the perfect place to have guests over. We want you to feel at home in your basement, considering it a place beautiful enough to show off and the perfect place to entertain.

The things you could do with your unused basement space could include:

  • Installing a wet bar
  • Putting in a focal point, like a gas fireplace
  • Finishing the space in warm, welcoming textures and colors

By installing a wet bar in your basement, especially with a full bar with additional seating, your guests will want to come down and spend time there. It gives you the perfect place to gather everybody, with the added benefit of providing a space to store your alcohol.

A gas fireplace will add to the atmosphere of your basement and create a perfect focal point, making a cozy, warm environment. Along with the bar, your guests won’t want to leave!

TV Heaven

Maybe you want to build the perfect man-cave or design the perfect space for your family to gather on Sunday evenings. Your basement might just be the place to design the best TV area in your house. Your basement finishes might include:

  • Surround-sound
  • Large TV area with additional storage
  • Lights on dimmers to create atmosphere

With these selections, we can help you create the perfect area, making you feel like you have your own personal theatre in your basement. With surround-sound wired directly into your basement, you will feel like you are in the middle of the action sequence of your favorite movie or in the scuffle of your favorite sporting event.

Additional Living Space

Is your family expanding? Are your teenagers growing out of their childhood rooms? Then using the extra room in your basement to create an extra bedroom or two and bathroom might be the perfect solution for you. Even if you have guests stay over at your house, your expanded living space downstairs will provide guests with accommodation without having them on top of you or vice versa.

Your additional living space might:

  • Give you peace of mind
  • Provide much-needed space for each family member
  • Make your house feel more like a home

It doesn’t matter what your reason is for deciding to develop your basement. Whenever you are ready to move forward, we can help you design the perfect space, maximizing existing area and turn it into exactly what you need and want. Call us today to start gathering ideas for finishing your basement.

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