Dream Big: What Could You Do with a Room Addition in Northern Virginia?

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Your house is everything you wish it to be, but perhaps something has changed in your circumstance. You just had your first baby; your teenagers are ready for their own space; your aging parents are hoping to spend more time with the grandkids. The reasons are endless on why you might need some extra space out of the house you adore. Have you considered renovating for a room addition? It might be the perfect way to keep your house but add the extra space you need.

What Could You Add?

Depending on the existing footprint of your house, it might be obvious which would be the best additions  to add. You could add:

  • An extra room in your basement
  • An extra wing off your main floor
  • An extra bathroom for guests

Not every house will be able to support a room addition; however, our company will work with you and your predetermined budget to decide what options are available to you and what would work best with your house.

Your house is more than just a structure; it is the place where you build a life, and we want to make sure that it works as well for you as it could, especially if your life circumstances have changed suddenly and you find yourself needing more space.

Things to Consider

Once you have decided that you have run out of space in your house, you may not know where to start on moving forward with an addition. Our team here at Bianco Renovations will help you navigate the ins and outs of remodeling to add more space.

A few things you will want to consider prior to moving forward include:

  • Where do you have extra room
  • Will the addition add to the curb appeal of your existing home
  • What this will cost

We will work with you and your existing home to help you design the perfect addition that not only adds to the existing appeal of your home but also gives you the much needed extra square footage.

We will need to decide where the best place to put the addition will be, work within the existing exterior look of your home, and assess the cost to ensure we stay within your budget.

Best Additions to Maximize Value

The additions that, in terms of real estate, add the most bang for your buck are:

  • Additional bathroom
  • Expanded kitchen
  • Extra bedroom

If, in the future, you decide to sell your property, the above three additions will help make your home more desirable to potential buyers. However, these three additions require that they are done well and done properly, including pulling all of the appropriate permits and keeping everything to code, which we can most certainly assist you with.

Remodeling is never an easy decision to come to, and an even more difficult one to properly follow through on. We will help you work through, from beginning to end, the nuances of creating the perfect room addition. If you are ready to make your dreams come true, then give us a call today and we will help make your dreams a reality.

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