Is Your Home Ready For Spring?

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As winter begins to draw to a close, it’s time to start looking ahead to the warmer weather in the spring, and those home improvement projects you may have been thinking about. Winter can be a tough season for houses. The cold, rain, and snow can pay a heavy toll on your home’s exterior, while the fact that you spend more time indoors means that you may be putting these areas to heavier use as well. So, instead of waiting for the warmer weather to arrive to start getting your home in shape, why not take care of some of these smaller home improvements now to get your home ready for the coming season.

Outdoor Improvements

It’s a good idea to take a look around the exterior of your home at the e
nd of the winter to make sure that everything’s in good condition. There are several areas that may need your attention, so be on the lookout for:

Gutters: You’ll want to not only make sure that your gutters are free of clogs, but that they’re in good condition, that your downspouts are connected securely to the home and are in one piece, and that the gutters themselves are connected, not sagging, or pulling away.

Roofing: You don’t need to get up on your roof to check its condition. Scan it from the ground for things like missing, broken, cracked, or curling shingles. Then check the underside of your roof deck in the attic for signs of leaks, such as water stains, mold, or mildew.

Missing caulk: Check all of the openings in your home, including windows and doors, for missing caulk around the casings. Caulk helps seal up gaps so no air is getting through; the freeze/thaw cycles in the winter may cause the caulk to crack or come loose.

Deck: If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your property values and your curb appeal at the same time, consider adding a deck to your home. A new deck increases the utility of your outdoor space, and raises your property values at the same time. If you 1383215296-300x225already have a deck, make sure it’s in good condition, that the brackets are in good shape and that the stain isn’t peeling.

Siding: If your siding is looking old, tired, or in need of a fresh paint job, consider replacing it this spring. Fresh siding, particularly low-maintenance materials like fiber cement mean that your siding will always look fresh at the start of every season.

Indoor Improvements

Just because the interior of your home was protected from the elements doesn’t mean that it won’t need attention as well. Some areas of the home can get worn from additional use in the winter, while others may be in need of a facelift as well. Take a look at the following areas of your home’s interior to see what work may need to be done:

Hardwood flooring: The salt and sand on your boots in winter can really damage your hardwood. This makes spring an excellent time of year to either refinish your floors, or consider installing new ones to help repair the damage.

Addition: After spending all winter indoors, you’re probably aware of just how large your home is. If it’s feeling a little cramped, consider taking on a new addition this spring to make the most of the interior space.

Kitchen remodel: While this may not seem like a spring improvement, many people do remodel their kitchens at this time of year. After spending months indoors and cooking large holiday meals, it may be time to update your kitchen to make it more user friendly for the future.

Fresh paint: A fresh paint job on any room of your home can really brighten things up, hiding old dirt and smudges and giving you a fresh perspective on things. With the warmer weather in the spring, why not give your home a brand-new look?

Get Ready for Spring

Spring is a fantastic time to make improvements to your home. With the weather warming up and everything coming back to life, the sense of energy can help spur you on to greater projects of your own. When you’re ready to tackle some of the bigger improvements in and around your home, be sure to give Bianco Renovations a call. We can help you make all your spring home improvement dreams come true.

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