How To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen!

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How To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen!

What Do You Need To Know Before Remodeling a Small Kitchen?

Having a small kitchen has it’s pros and cons, just as it does when you are planning for a small kitchen remodel.

Pros include decreased remodeling cost. Less space means you spend less money than you would if it were larger. Small kitchens also typically are more functional as everything you need has to be in arms reach for quick cooking and food prep.

Cons are obvious. It’s never going to be that “hangout space” that you’ve always wanted. If you have a large family, it could feel a little cramped at times. No matter how you feel about your kitchen, we can show you how to remodel a small kitchen to maximize space, function, and style! Click here to see 20 small kitchen makeovers by HGTV Hosts!

Everyone has a different definition of what a small kitchen is, so these tips can work for any kitchen that you wish was bigger! Ready to remodel your kitchen? Click here to work with our design team for FREE!

Top Ways To Increase Space & Style When You Remodel a Small Kitchen:


1. Make It Light and Bright!

The first thing you want to realize is that smaller kitchens need lighter colors to increase the visual appearance of space. It is proven that white makes things look bigger and black makes things look smaller (hence the reason we love wearing black!).

So white cabinets are a must! However, you don’t HAVE to go white if that’s not your thing! Think dove grey, antique white, light taupe. But nothing will make it feel as large as white. If you want to add another punch of color, you could choose lower cabinets in a different color and the uppers in white. That will still open up your space!

Lighter countertops will also help the space feel larger as well, but don’t feel that it’s a must to go white on white on white. Stick with lighter colors, but definitely mix it up!

White kitchen cabinets and countertops
White is a great choice for making a small kitchen look large.

2. Use Horizontal Tile

A backsplash is not only the best way to make your small kitchen remodel POP, but it’s also a great way to make it FEEL larger. Using a horizontal tile like subway tile or wood look tile, will pull the eye from left to right and make your space feel wider.

Horizontal Subway tile- Bianco Renovations Build and Design
Choose Horizontal tile to pull the eye left to right.

3. Open Up The Space

One big step you could take when you choose to remodel a small kitchen is to actually give yourself more space. If that’s what you want, then why not try? If you’re already going through a remodel, taking down a wall won’t be too much more intrusive. The result can be incredible! It’s really amazing how large a space can look and feel simply by allowing your kitchen & family room to flow seamlessly into one another.

4. Illumination is Key

You are going to want lots of light when you remodel a small kitchen. From pendant lights to can lights, to under cabinet lighting. The more lights you have, the brighter and more open your space will look, as we discussed in #1.

Don’t just use lighting, though. Choosing a reflective backsplash can create the feeling of more space. Think mirrors, glass and metal!

One other way to use glass? In your cabinet doors! Having glass cabinet doors around your kitchen really makes it seem large! The downside, however, may be the need to keep cabinets organized!

Small kitchen with lighting- Bianco Renovations
Small kitchen with pendant and recessed lighting

5. Space Expanding Storage

There are a lot of fun ways to increase storage space. Floating shelves are a great way to add additional storage space on a wall that may not typically have cabinetry. You could also build hanging shelves! Nick-nacks are not always possible when you don’t have much space to work with, so try putting them on top of your cabinets if you have 30? cabinets.

Another idea is to use a hanging pot holder! Pots and pans take up a lot of space in your cabinets, so getting them out in the open can free up a lot of room for other things. Just make sure you love the way they look!

One other option to maximize space is to think vertical! Take your cabinets all the way to the ceiling, if you can! You get so much extra space that would have been lost otherwise. They also really look great especially if you add a rolling ladder (if space permits). This can also add a really cool style element to your kitchen as well!

Small kitchen with ceiling height cabinets
Small kitchen with ceiling height cabinets and glass.

6. Function is First

If your kitchen is small, you have to make sure that it is functional above all else. And I don’t just mean functional in terms of cooking, I mean you need to be able to store everything without feeling like every cabinet is crammed shut. There are several ways that you can add additional functional features to your kitchen that maximize storage, keep you organized and help you reach everything with ease! Check out some options below! 

As you can see, when you remodel a small kitchen, there are several ways to maximize space, maximize style, and maximize function.  

When you’re finally ready to remodel your small kitchen or want to see how it can be transformed, we are here to help!

At Bianco Renovations, our design consultations are FREE and we would LOVE to help you create the kitchen of your dreams!

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