Kitchen Remodeling Process: What You Need To Know Before You Begin

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Kitchen Remodeling Process: What You Need To Know Before You Begin

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely considering a kitchen remodel, or you’re about to begin one. Either way, being prepared is always the best way to go. Some people have an idea of what they expect to encounter in a kitchen remodel, but it’s not always accurate. So, we’re going to go over exactly what you can expect when working with a designer and getting a kitchen installation.

Design Process-Bianco Renovations

Using a Designer for a Kitchen Remodel

You may think it’s expensive to use a professional kitchen contractor for your kitchen remodel. That’s not the case, at least when you work with Bianco Renovations! Our in-home design consultation is FREE! So, unless you’re an expert, there is no reason not to use our amazing services. We will help you find product lines that fit your wants and needs, help you stay within budget, and alert you to any issues that may arise with any desired layout changes and help you find solutions. Here’s how the process works.

1. Initial Consultation

In your initial in-home consultation with Bianco Renovations, a budget is determined, as well as cabinet door styles are discussed and what kind of design aesthetic you’re looking for if you have not already decided. Product lines will be discussed and you will learn the differences in them. What is most durable, eco-friendly, budget-friendly, etc. We’ll cover your timelines and the project plans as well. You’ll have a clear picture created.

2. Measurements

Kitchen measurements will need to be done to guarantee the fit. Measurements are VERY important in making sure your design comes out perfectly. We can take care of this for you!

3. Design is Generated

If you choose to move forward with us, your layout is generated based on the info given in steps 1 & 2. This is done in a computer system that allows you to see a 3D image of your desired kitchen with the products you choose for your kitchen remodel. HOW COOL!

4. Reviews and Changes

You could possibly have 1 to 2 additional rounds of changes and revisions to the design we work up after you see your selections in place. The more upfront information we have about your preferences and budget, the more accurate your initial design will be, meaning there are fewer changes to make, and you can start your kitchen remodel sooner.

5. Products are Ordered & Delivered

Most of the products you’ll choose in terms of cabinetry will be special order, and we’ll get those ordered for you as soon as confirmation is given. About 1 week before your expected cabinet delivery, we will be in touch with you to make sure we have scheduled the day to come in, and that your home is prepared.

Kitchen Remodel Installation

Many people aren’t really sure exactly what takes place during the installation. The most important thing I can tell you is that this is a PROCESS, not an EVENT. Keeping that in mind will put your expectations in the right place and allow for a more enjoyable remodeling experience.

6. Installation is Scheduled

When your cabinets are in our possession, we can begin! Please note that because unforeseen issues can arise, it could change the install date, so keep this in mind when deciding to use vacation days or take off work for the entire process. We will do everything in our control to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

7. Cabinet Installation

We’ll install your cabinets with expert craftsmanship. If any layout changes occur, we’ll make sure the functionality is ideal and that all cabinet doors and drawers open perfectly. We’ll add any trim or moulding that we need and make sure it’s pristine before moving on to countertops.

8. Countertop Template

When your cabinet installation is completed, your countertops can be templated. We’ll use your sink and faucet selections to make sure the cuts are perfect, so those are chosen beforehand. NOTE: Because templating cannot be done until every cabinet is installed in it’s final position, if any of your cabinets were damaged in transit, this can delay this step.

9. Countertop Installation

Time frames can vary depending on the countertop you’ve chosen for your kitchen remodel. Be prepared to live without countertops for a period of time, as we can’t template the countertops until all cabinets are installed. Preparing in advance can make this time much easier and eliminate stress for your family. Then we’ll connect your Sinks and faucets.

10. Finishing Touches

If you are getting new flooring for your space, that typically happens next. You are then ready for your backsplash to be installed. Finally, we start installing your cabinet hardware. When these final elements are in place, we work on any finishing touches, light fixtures, paint touch-ups, or any other details you’re adding to your kitchen.

I hope we’ve covered this process thoroughly and that it makes your kitchen remodel go smoother knowing what to expect!

Kitchen Design Process-Bianco Renovations

Our goal at Bianco Renovations is to give you prompt and remarkable communication throughout the remodeling process. Keeping open lines of communication is a critical part of a successful remodeling experience. Take a minute to check out our extensive remodeling portfolio!

Contact us today to arrange your FREE in-home consultation, and let’s work together to make your kitchen dreams come true.

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