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vday-170208-589b2b7317842-300x200 It’s February – the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you need help falling in love with your home again, let’s talk! Reach out anytime – we’re here to help.

There’s More to a Great Family Room Than Just a Big-Screen TV.

The Family Room remains one of the most popular places to watch TV, movies, or play games. But there’s more to creating a great Family Room than simply installing a wide-screen TV.

If you want to get the most out of your Family Room, you’ll probably want to rethink the basic design of the room so that it accommodates all of your needs—not just TV viewing.  You may want some space for quiet conversation. Or you may want to have a nook for reading. It could be that in your home’s current configuration the Family Room is totally cut off from the kitchen. Perhaps you’d prefer an open, “Great Room” concept where your kitchen, dining area, and Family Room all flow together (and nobody has to get stuck alone in the kitchen).

If you’re having trouble envisioning that kind of a change, that’s where we can help! We’re trained to look at space a little differently. Often we can “see” solutions that may not seem obvious (or even possible) to you.  Give us a call and we can help you design and create a Family Room that meets all of your needs – and is still a great place to watch whatever you want on television.

 Where Should You Place Your TV?

living-room-170208-589b2bfcd2cba-300x200It’s easy to get preoccupied with the size and features of a new big-screen TV. But once you get it home you have to figure out where it’s going to go! Viewing distance is a big deal if you want to enjoy that new TV.
If you purchase a 65-inch 4K TV, for instance, you’ll want to sit about 6-feet from the screen for the best experience. If you chose a set with 1080p resolution, you’d need to sit about 8 1/2-feet away at the same 65-inch screen size. CNET has a helpful article that will help you choose the right size TV for your Family Room.

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