Making Real Changes for the New Year

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Making Real Changes for the New Year (3 Things That Can Help)


If you really want to make a significant change this year, consider what changes you might make to your home to make it more comfortable and enjoyable. But keep in mind that home remodeling ideas can be a little bit like New Year’s resolutions: They need to be realistic and specific, and you need to be prepared to follow through.
Here are three things to think about to ensure you get the most out of your home remodel this year:

  1. Think About Function: It’s fun and inspiring to look at images of fantastic homes on or You’ll see gorgeous rooms and improvements. But before getting wrapped up in the visuals, think about how you want your home to function. What would make your kitchen more useable? What would help to create a family room that’s more comfortable and inviting? Think about function first and then consider the visual appeal.
  2. Think About Budget: What are you really willing to spend in order to make the improvements you want?  Be realistic about your budget. You don’t want to get in over your head with an outrageous project. But the flip side is equally bad. Trying to do something too cheaply can leave you frustrated because you won’t get the results you want.
  3. Think About Timeline: A good remodeling project isn’t an overnight affair. Allow enough time to plan, shop, and review. And when you talk to us about remodeling – let’s be sure to talk about a realistic schedule for completion. If you’re remodeling for an event (a birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc,) allow yourself (and us) enough time to complete the project and have some time left over for finishing touches and decoration. It can really take the stress out of the process for you.
Does It Make You Happy?

For years Remodeling Magazine has conducted a study on which projects homeowners are happiest with. One of the criteria is the years of pleasure owners enjoy after a project is finished, which they call the “Joy Score”. The top four projects are:

  • Adding a New Bathroom
  • A Complete Kitchen Renovation
  • A Kitchen Upgrade

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