Scheduling Your Home Improvement Project

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After dreaming of your 12743765_1725197171100387_8482010900402676222_n-161025-580fa8dde643b-300x186home renovation for months – and possibly years – it can be very exciting when the time comes to finally pull the trigger and get this project going. Unfortunately, while you may think that you’re done waiting as soon as you’re ready to begin, this isn’t always the case. From busy times of year to lead times on products, it can take weeks to months before a project really gets going, producing tangible results you can see happening in your home. Learn the ins and outs of scheduling for your home improvement project to make better decisions regarding your own timeline.

Yearly Schedule

A lot of people may not realize it, but there is a yearly calendar in the home improvement business that can work for or against you depending on when you want work done. For example, in the spring, many people want to have work done on their landscaping and exteriors, so these professionals book up fast, and you may have to wait until summer to have your work done if you don’t schedule ahead of time. Likewise, in the fall months, many people are turning their thoughts towards the indoors and the holidays that are soon to follow. Knowing that you may have relatives or friends coming to stay may give you the final push to begin that new kitchen renovation or guest bathroom makeover. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners think along the same lines, with fall being one of the busiest times of year for indoor home improvements. You should plan on scheduling work done for this time of year a few months in advance to ensure that things get done by the time the holidays roll around.

If you’re able to wait until after the holidays, though, this is a great time of year to schedule indoor improvements as well. It’s still too cold to work outdoors, so contractors are likely scheduling indoors projects, while many suppliers have winter sales on materials such as flooring to move product before the spring rush.

Ordering and Lead Times

One of the reasons you may need to schedule your home improvements a few months in advance of when you want them done is because of lead times, or the time it takes from when you order something to when it arrives at your home. Whether you do the ordering yourself, or you let your contractor do the ordering for you, there are often times when it can take several weeks for a product to arrive. These lead times range from in-stock items, which are available either right away or within a week, to custom made items or items imported from overseas, which can take up to 12 weeks to arrive. This countdown starts the minute you actually pay for the items, so you also need to include time to choose the right cabinets, flooring, and counter-tops as well.

While there are many in-stock items available, giving yourself time to order custom, semi-custom, made to order, and other longer lead time items gives you a greater range of possibilities. For example, if you have an oddly shaped kitchen that needs differently sized cabinets to fit, you could use stock cabinets with fillers, but custom or semi-custom cabinets will give you a better look and a more functional space. Waiting the extra time will likely get you a finished room that you’re happier with.

Designing, Tear Out, and Installation

3714171634_87bc91dda8_o-161025-580fab5072d7c-300x279Every project has its own timeline that begins when you sit down with your design team to plan the project. The design phase comes first, so that you can visualize your new home. This phase alone can take days to weeks depending on the scope of the project, and how many changes you may need. After this phase is done, the ordering can occur. In most cases, things like tear out will wait until everything that has been ordered has arrived. This is so that if a product was back ordered, shipped incorrectly, or arrived broken, you don’t have to live with a torn out kitchen or living area while you wait even longer for the new part to arrive.

Installation has its own schedule, based in part on how much work there is to do, and when items finally get there. During the planning phase of the project, you’ll likely receive a loose timeline for project completion, assuming everything goes to plan. Remember that special orders, change orders, and unforeseen circumstances can always lead to a delay. That’s why scheduling your project well ahead of when you think it should be done will give you the least amount of stress and the highest chances of project success.

Schedule with Care

After waiting and planning so long for your home improvement project, you’re likely anxious to get it off the ground. Be sure to pay attention to the scheduling surrounding your project to make sure it gets done when you need it to.

When you’re ready to begin, be sure to give Bianco Renovations a call. Our expert design team can work with you to help make sure your project gets done right on schedule. Call today to get started and make your home improvement dreams come true.

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