What Style of Kitchen Cabinets Will Best Complement Your Architecture?

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Kitchen cabinetry, whether it be stock or custom, is available in a huge range of styles to suit any budget. The most costly part of your kitchen cabinets, and the part that will also make the biggest style impact, are the doors. To find your ideal kitchen cabinet doors it is important to be respectful of the architecture of your home, and enhance its character by embracing the design of the building.


Flat cabinet doors are very simple and void of any detail. They are so versatile because they come in a wide range of materials, coverings and textures. Flat doors will most complement a modern home, or a home where minimalism and simplicity is a design theme running through decor and furniture. For an ultra-modern look, go for a high gloss finish and pair it with luxurious countertops such as granite, quartz or Corian. Flat doors can also work in older homes where the style is modern country chic. Get this look by pairing modern flat doors with more quaint design features such as wooden countertops and distressed tile floor coverings.


The shaker door, named after the shaker style of furniture, is the most popular style of kitchen cabinet door. It is the most cost effective, and can work with various styles of architecture and home interior design. Shaker doors will suit contemporary homes as well as traditional homes. The shaker door itself does not make a big design statement, but it is a good neutral base for a kitchen which you can build your style around.


Beadboard doors give the look of multiple vertical panels within the door frame. They are a great look for beach houses or will compliment older structures which are aiming for a more cozy laid back feel. Beadboard can also work great in smaller spaces such as apartments, because they instantly make a kitchen feel more homely and loved.

Beadboard doors give a very fresh look when they are white, but they can also look great when they are painted a color. Stick to pastel shades to keep in line with the homely design.


Distressed doors come in many variations, from a very light worn edge to the heavily distressed look. Choosing distressed doors for your kitchen cabinets will give a very big impact, and set the stage for the rest of the design in your kitchen. They will work best with architecturally older homes, and work particularly well with exposed beams or exposed brick walls. To make sure you don’t go overkill on the distressed look, choose simple countertops and backsplashes. Distressed cabinets are very stylish but can make a space seem busy, so they are best used in larger or open concept spaces.


When considering your kitchen cabinetry you will also need to think about which hardware will work best for the style of your home. Industrial looking handles can work great in modern loft apartments, while a more slick modern look can be achieved using stainless steel hardware in clean and simple lines. For older homes, look at distressed stainless steel or even black hardware for a coastal or country vibe.

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