Things To Consider When Planning A Home Addition

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Things To Consider When Planning A Home Addition

Starting a home addition is a big step towards improving your living conditions, as you likely have outgrown your home. Home addition will add more space and maximize the value of the property. You can inject your personal touch and have your imagination come alive with the concept and design of your new home addition!

It may be a big undertaking, but it is very rewarding. If the result is what you have envisioned and it turns out to be not just beautiful but also functional!

Home addition in Arlington
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First, you want to consider your key objective of remodeling. You have to know what you want to achieve. If you can really nail down the reason for a home addition. Some reasons for a home addition may be:

  • lack of space
  • lack of function
  • the desire to add specific types of rooms to your home

With your goal clearly specified, you’ll be able to better plan a project that will reflect the outcome you’re looking for.

Take note that home addition entails a lot of hard work, planning, and financial support. However, it’s one of the projects that can most impact your daily life, making it worth the construction.

Home Addition in Arlington


Secondly, there is the budget to take into consideration as it directs the design that you can achieve. If the budget is unlimited, then your options are endless. You can apply all the design choices that your heart desires. However, you don’t always have to pay out of pocket. You can either finance it through a vendor program. You may also take out a home improvement loan or home equity line of credit.

There is always a battle between need vs. want. But you can weigh things according to their level of importance and priority. Always consider prioritizing what is most important to achieving the level of style and function that you desire.


The design of your home addition has to complement the original structure and improve its beauty and functionality. This can be an exciting part of the process since it can involve planning for additional storage, a kitchen improvement, a bathroom remodels, or even a whole new bedroom like a nursery or guest room! This is the FUN part!

You want to make sure you work with a reputable Design Build Firm. These firms will professionally design and plan your space with you to make sure everything has been considered from a function, safety and code standpoint.

If you’ll be building out, then the design should work around trees, utility poles, power lines, property lines and the available space that you can use.

If it is a change within the original structure, the design should achieve the purpose of the improvement. But not sacrifice the existing beauty of the property.


Home addition in Arlington

However, the hard part of this process is the inconvenience that it may bring to you and even your neighbors. There can be a disruption to your lifestyle. There will be noise and dust before, during or even after the construction itself. But this is a necessary part of the process. A great contracting firm will minimize the dust and debris as much as possible, but you still have to prepare for it.

Finally, after all, things considered, you need to find the right Design-Build firm to handle this process from start to finish. This is one of many projects that should be done by professionals and is a terrible idea to DIY. We can handle everything from architecture to permits, and the inspections once it’s complete. The design and construction are all handled by the same team, making the finished product seamless and beautiful.

If you’re ready to get started on your full home remodel, home addition or renovation project, schedule your free design consultation today to get started!

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