Timeless vs. Trendy Kitchens

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Timeless vs. Trendy Kitchens

Let’s talk about Timeless Kitchens versus Trendy Kitchens

When you say Timeless design it means it is not affected by the passage of time or changes in fashion. Timeless kitchen design refers to classic design choices that are simple, subtle, sophisticated, understated and can easily adapt to evolving styles. In other words, timeless kitchen design makes for a great backdrop that can stand the test of time and will look great no matter what trendy pieces are thrown in the mix!

On the other hand, Trendy design is fads that come and go. You can spot a ‘trend’ when you see the same design over and over (and over!) on social media (Instagram or Pinterest). 


A common dilemma posed by a question in kitchen renovation is “How do I create a home that is timeless rather than trendy?” And perhaps even more importantly: “How do I create a kitchen that can easily grow and change as my tastes and styles change?” 

After all, kitchen remodeling and designing are not about creating a museum that never changes. But it is about creating a kitchen that grows and changes as you do.

White kitchen cabinets and countertops
White is a great choice for making a small kitchen look large.

And, it’s important to realize that it’s perfectly reasonable that your tastes will change over time. Perhaps the common answer to those questions is to create a kitchen that serves a timeless classic backdrop. But also leaves room for trends to come and go and for styles to change. A kitchen that adapts gracefully to changing styles and trends.

We can’t tell you exactly what to select in order to make your kitchen design timeless. 

So here are some helpful tenet ideas of a timeless design on how to create such a timeless kitchen. One that can change as your style and tastes do. One that is timeless versus trendy.

Neutral Colors

Having bold and funky color accents is a fantastic idea. But they are the best to express via features and furnishings that are temporary. 

Below are ways to enjoy your current color interests without having to repaint or replace costly design elements in less than 10 or 20 years.

  • Area rugs
  • Countertop
  • Dish soap dispensers
  • Flower arrangements, 
  • Table cloths or place setting on your dine-in eating areas 

When designing a kitchen with real staying-power, go for colors from a neutral color palette. 

Shaker Style 

Shaker style cabinets are features that are a guaranteed classic. Shaker cabinets work well with both traditional and modern designs, which means your well-built cabinets will last for decades with regular care and maintenance.

The Shakers were interesting people in many ways and exceptional craftsmen. They believed in simple, clean designs that offered no-frills but rather let the natural beauty of the piece shine. Shaker-style cabinetry does just that, offering a timeless simplicity and elegance. Nothing edgy, nothing trendy, but always gorgeous.


  • Custom cabinetry offers unparalleled value and function. Although, it may cost more initially than prefabricated options. A designer expert can help you maximize your space to its full potential. This is especially important in older homes where one size certainly does not fit all.
  • Glass Cabinet Doors are still widely revered in the 21st century too. Why? Because they are a completely neutral accent that accomplishes a few goals:
  • Create a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Add a little panache without getting too trendy.
  • It allows you to bring transient color accents via the dishware stored inside.

Why? Because they are a completely neutral accent that accomplishes a few goals:

  • Create a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Add a little panache without getting too trendy.
  • It allows you to bring transient color accents via the dishware stored inside.

Stone Countertops

Granite is, of course, the go-to option for many updated or custom kitchen design styles. But it’s far from the only option. 

Stone countertops can be trendy but it takes a special person to love them for decades. Overall, granite or quartz is a win. Especially whites, greys or tan combos. 

They go with a ton of colors, so even if you paint your cabinets, you won’t need new tops. 

Wood and concrete can be trendy, and while you may like them for many years. The stone is typically a safer bet. 

Subway Tiles

There are numerous stunning options for backsplashes, but subway tile tenaciously hangs on as one of the top choices. This really is because it performs so well, adds style while still being neutral, and injects a gentle texture into the kitchen. If you want to mix things up a bit, ask about installing them in a herringbone pattern or using an alternate grout color for extra contrast.

Focus On Function

Sometimes trendy kitchens look phenomenal but really aren’t designed well. Kitchens absolutely must be designed with a focus on function, being ready to work and entertain. 

High-Quality Materials

High-quality materials are more expensive, it’s true. But they are a worthwhile investment. Let’s say you spend $2000 to $5000 more for better materials and craftsmanship – that’s still significantly less than you’ll pay if you have to re-design or rebuild your kitchen in five years because you used cheaper stuff that isn’t holding up.

As you embark on the kitchen remodeling process, talk to your builder about 

  • How space will be used? 
  • What kind of cooking you do or your appliance needs 
  • Are there any other extra details that will elevate your kitchen design style from awesome to spectacular?

When you’re ready to start designing a new, timeless look for your kitchen, we’re here to help with advice and expertise. Contact Bianco Renovations, the Northern Virginia premier home remodeling contractor.

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