Tips To Create a More Functional Home Office Design

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More people than ever before have suddenly found themselves working from home. This sudden transition often means that you may not have had the time to set up a home office ahead of time, leading you to create one as you go.

Thankfully, you don’t need to have a fully appointed home office in order to be successful at working from home; you just need to make sure that you have the right tools and items at your disposal. The following tips will help you create a more functional home office design so you can work from home more efficiently.


  • Make Sure You Have Good Lighting

Good lighting is crucial to being productive long term. If possible, arrange your desk where there’s a good source of natural light. If this isn’t an option for you, make sure that you invest in both ambient and task lighting for your home office. Full spectrum light bulbs can help recreate the atmosphere of daylight, as well, so you can have proper working light.

  • Consider Sound Absorbing Materials

If your home office isn’t as quiet as you’d like, consider using some sound absorbing materials to help quiet things down. Acoustic tiles and panels can be used to help create a more conducive atmosphere for working. Consider installing some geometric acoustic tiles on a wall nearby for a visually pleasing display as well as sound control, or if your home office is a shared space, invest in acoustic panels that can be arranged as a privacy screen to absorb sound and provide a more personal space at the same time.

  • Make Sure Your Desk and Chair Are the Right Heights

Your desk and chair should be working together to provide you with a comfortable working environment. If your desk is too tall, it can put stress on your arms and shoulders, while a desk that’s too short can strain your back.  If possible, invest in an office chair that’s fully adjustable so you can customize the space to find what works best for you. Choose your desk based on size and storage needs; you can often find larger desks without drawers and invest in shelving for more storage at a better cost.

  • Adjust as You Go

If you’ll be working from home for an undetermined amount of time or you’ll be continuing to do so long term, remember that you can build your home office as you go. Make changes to continuously update to your needs and make sure that you’re taking stock of what those needs are so you can ensure that your home office will be functional and conducive to productivity both now and in the future.

Remember that if you need help designing or building a home office or another area of your home, call Bianco Renovations and let our expert design and build team assist you in creating the space of your dreams.

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