Top Five Kitchen Design Trends of 2015

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Arguably, more homeowners update their kitchens than any other room in the home. And with good reason; the kitchen is the heart of any home, the place where you eat, gather, cook, and relax every day. A good kitchen design should last 10 to 20 years on average before needing to be done again, so it’s important to make sure that you’re happy with the results. And while kitchen design trends come and go – who can forget the Harvest Gold of the 60s? – trends today are taking a different path, one aiming toward more sustainable design. Take a look at these five kitchen design trends to see if they’re right for your home.

Natural Looks, Natural Materials

14757530432_151bd6b6a4_o-300x200There’s been a big push toward natural materials and designs in recent years, with the move toward a softer, warmer look in the kitchen. This means using natural woods, stone, and glass in the kitchen, as well as warmer looking metals such as copper, bronze, and brass, rather than the cold look of stainless steel and concrete that was popular a few years back.

In some cases, this results in a modern rustic look in the kitchen including using granite with lots of quartz and wild veins in it, as well as using wood cabinets with simple, clean lines such as Shaker or overlay doors, and natural wood or stone flooring. In other cases, it’s resulting in bespoke appliances such as hoods made from hammered and aged copper.

Open Shelving

4679657472_f949dbb17b_o-300x225In addition to warmer look in the kitchen, many homeowners are also turning toward a more open appearance as well. In some cases this involves using only the lower cabinetry in the kitchen, and installing shelving on the walls instead of traditional cabinets. The result is just as much storage as before, but with an open look that can help make the kitchen look larger, as well as less formal and more welcoming.

Grey and Greige

White 16645184956_7c92ea3881_o-300x179kitchens have long been popular, and still are for homeowners wanting a clean, bright look in the kitchen. But for those that like a more neutral appearance, the cream and beige of previous years has been replaced by a new color – grey. Grey is the hot new neutral in the kitchen for everything from the cabinets to the floors. And right behind grey comes greige– a blend of grey and beige that creates a blend of warm and cool tones that you can use to pull accent colors in a variety of other colors.

Mosaic Blendsphillipe-17-225x300

The hottest trend in kitchen backsplashes and walls right now features a blend of materials pulled together in a mosaic pattern of squares or long, thin rectangles. This includes rough stones like slate mixed with polished materials like marble or even glass. Light hits mosaic tiles individually, which means that each one of the polished stone and glass tiles will sparkle, bringing a lot of dimension to the space.

Smart Appliances

While some people are turning toward bespoke appliances to get their color and finish, other homeowners are looking toward smart appliances for the kitchen. This includes refrigerators with touch screens that allow you to control different climates and temperatures within, as well as stove tops that remain cool to the touch, while heating your food with very little energy.

Kitchen remodels are personal, reflecting your tastes and your family’s use of the space. Today’s kitchen trends are moving toward making kitchens more welcoming, more functional, and easier to use than ever before. If you’re ready to get started on your personal kitchen renovation, give Bianco Renovations a call and let us help you find the right fit for your space.

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