Two Toned Kitchen Cabinets: Get The Look

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If you are one of the many who’s fallen in love with two-toned kitchen cabinets, this is one perfect blog that you don’t want to miss reading. If you’re not sure what we mean by two-toned cabinets, I’m talking about using more than one color or style of kitchen cabinet in the same space. It’s a great way to add personality and flair! Let’s explore some of the most common ways people are getting the look with this trend. 

Your kitchen is one of the most used rooms in our homes, so there’s no reason not to invest in aesthetics. Kitchen has always been at the forefront of interior design trends and for good reason. These days, two-toned kitchen cabinets are the look everyone seems to be clamoring over, and all it takes is one look to see why this trend is piquing homeowners’ interest.

Single color kitchen cabinets are the most common for homeowners, and they are a good choice, but two styles of kitchen cabinets can be very attractive and make a great visual impact. Using two-tone kitchen cabinets is a really easy way to create instant interest whether it’s in the traditional or modern style. All it takes is a great design and a great designer, and you’ll have a stunning space that you’ll be proud of!

Beautiful white kitchen with large marble island.

What are Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets?

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are when kitchen cabinetry is painted in two or more colors, combined in a stylish way. Grey and white kitchen cabinets would be a great example of two-toned colors. However, some designers work with bold colored cabinets and the look can be stunning!

Some designs focus on the kitchen island and paint it differently than the rest of the kitchen. However, other designs choose accent areas for a different color.

The purpose of two colors of kitchen cabinets is to point out a specific part of the kitchen, not to mention it’s FUN!

Why Should I Get the Look of Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets?

The look has been around for a few years, it’s clear that this dynamic trend is here to stay. It involves playing with different color variations, usually when it comes to the upper and lower cabinets in your kitchen. Not only will a new look get a whole new style for the space we spend so much time in, but we will get a cozy feeling inside that makes us want to spend even more time there.

Modern bright kitchen with blue table, green flowers, cake, plates, white furniture. Concept of kitchen interior.

How to Get the Look of Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets?

Pick a focal point

Pick a specific place of your kitchen to become a focal point for the space. Use it for an attempt of a color variation. 

A kitchen island is usually chosen because of its central spot in the layout. However, there’s no need to feel limited by that arrangement. Before making your decision, consider using space planning applications to see how a splash of color can draw the eye to various angles of the room.

After you decide on the placement, it’s time to think about color. If you decide to go this route, remember the purpose of a focal point is to be eye-catching. It can stand up to a big and bold shade. The hue you choose is entirely up to you

Mixed Materials

If a bold paint color isn’t quite your thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of other ways to apply this look. One of them is to use two separate materials in your cabinet design. 

A wood finish is typically selected for part of the look, but you could, for example, mix it with laminate for a sleek, modern look or glass and aluminum to give the room an industrial feel.

If you’re planning on mixing and matching in this way, remember that design inspiration is the key to success. 

Match decor with the color of the island, or accents like such as the backs of the glass-fronted cabinets.

By combining natural wood colors and white suits, the whole kitchen will brighten up and give away new energy.

Go Darker in the Room

Darker colors make spaces look smaller, so to make your kitchen feel as open and airy as possible, keep the lighter color up top. 

On the one hand, this look works because it allows you to make a statement by using a bold color on your lowers and simultaneously helps to ground the space. On the other, it also helps space look larger because the lighter shade on your upper cabinets will help draw the eye upward.

Those with small kitchens that want a darker color but don’t want to make their space seem smaller are great candidates for this option. You get the best of both worlds!

You may be thinking that choosing colors is very easy but it’s not. In kitchens with two color cabinets, it’s very easy to make a mistake and have to repeat the whole painting or design process all over again.

Vivid colors will make this area a little more fun and give away a positive vibe; darker finishes will give it an elegant touch and these two combined will look amazing! 

Remember coordinating elements

Each one of your cabinets should include some sort of coordinating element. Remember, when you have two distinct looks in the same space, it’s crucial to include a few details that will make it clear that they belong together.

Overview: How to Mix Cabinets or Colors in your Kitchen

  • Two-toned kitchen cabinets are not all about paint. You can mix materials or finishes instead of colors. 
  • For example, use a darker wood stain on the bottom with a totally different wood species and stain on the top! Different wood species can have very different looks, so try this out to see if it will work best for you! 
  • You can also try mixing MDF, Thermofoil, Or Laminate Cabinets with Wood for a similar pairing. 
  • You can also try and paint the crown molding only with a darker tone that will make a clear border between the two sides.
  • The next way to add two-toned cabinets into your space is to create a focal wall that features your accent cabinet color. That wall can be any space in your kitchen that you’d like to draw attention to. 

Say goodbye to the stark white kitchen cabinets of the past and say hello to the mix of colors that define the kitchen trends of the present. 

Whether your space is big or small, a two-toned effect adds instant drama to any well-designed space. When mixing colors, don’t be afraid to opt for unconventional materials and textures to bring the drama. At the end of the day, whichever one you choose is guaranteed to bring plenty of visual interest to your home, as long as your work with a professional.

If you are interested to get the look of a two-tone kitchen cabinets and you need a professional to design and remodel, you can simply call an experienced designer like Bianco Renovations and get help for interesting two-tone kitchen ideas.


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