Unique Ideas for a Second Story Home Addition

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Have you run out of space in your existing home but can’t or aren’t interested in moving? We can help. At Bianco Renovations, we specialize in home additions, including second-story additions. We can help you design the perfect addition to give you much needed extra space but in a tasteful fashion that leaves you with a bigger and more beautiful home.

Add a New Second Story

With this, you can either remove the roof completely with the intention of not using it once the addition is finished, or you can crane off the roof in sections, build the addition, and then reattach it when you’re done.

The latter option will likely limit your design options as you will need to work around the existing roof line. If you opt to ditch your existing roof, then the possibilities are endless. However, like with most things, the more work you sign on for, the higher your overall renovation cost will be. If you can make your existing roof work with your dream addition, then you will save thousands in roofing costs.

When deciding on if building up is the right choice for you, you want to consider things like:

  • Rooflines
  • Windows
  • Existing proportions

Your new addition should seamlessly incorporate with the rest of your home. Roof pitches will help your addition avoid looking boxy. Your window choices and choice of proportions should match, so that it looks like the addition was always a part of your home.

Build a Second Story on an Existing First-Floor Section

If you are thinking of adding a second-story addition, do you have any sections of your home that could possibly support a second story?

For example, you could add a second-story addition:

  • Over your garage
  • Over your porch
  • Over your sunroom

By using what you already have, you won’t sacrifice precious yard space that is lost when you build out, and you can add square footage that adds appeal to your home’s existing floor plan.

Plus, the framework and foundation already exist, saving you the additional cost of adding onto the foundation. However, before you start building, you will want to ensure that the existing foundation can support the additional weight.

Things to Consider Before Moving Ahead

Before moving ahead with construction, you will want to:

  • Obtain permits
  • Check size and height restrictions
  • Ensure your addition fits in with your neighborhood

Local codes will dictate how high and how big you can go with your second-story addition, so before you draw up any plans, you will want to ensure that your dream is allowable. The other thing to consider is your neighborhood. Your original house will blend in with the rest of the neighborhood as it was designed that way; however, you want to ensure that your addition keeps in taste with everything else.

We know how much you value your home, and we want to help you maximize its value and what it can do for you. Our company will work with you and design the perfect addition to make sure you family is happy and thriving. Call us today to set up a consultation to start making your dream home a reality.

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